FootGolf has been a great success since it arrived at Abbey Hill Golf Centre in June 2014 and is quite possibly the most exciting new game to hit the sporting world.  Played on our 9-hole Short Course using a size 5 football, the aim of the game is to place the ball into the hole on the green using only your feet in the lowest amount of shots possible.  


What Is FootGolf?

FootGolf, Abbey Hill Golf Centre, Milton Keynes

What is FootGolf?
FootGolf is just what is says, a combination of football and golf.  Played over the 9-hole Short Course at Abbey Hill with a size 5 football, FootGolf is a test of precision and power - simply complete each hole, using your feet in as fewer shots as possible.

Who can play?
FootGolf is great fun for everyone that enjoys football. Played in groups of up to 4 players, it's especially good fun for colleagues after a long day in the office, or something a bit different to try with the rest of your footy team-mates.

Do I need any equipment?
All the equipment you need to play is provided.  You'll need golf shoes or trainers to take part (no football boots please).

Do I need to book?
You can just turn up and play, but FootGolf is becoming really popular so booking is advisable.  You can book a time, by calling the Golf Shop on 01908 562566

When can I play?
FootGolf is open 7 days a week and you can play from 1pm.


The prices below are for 9-holes of FootGolf

Adult                                    £10.00

Senior (aged 60 and over)      £7.50

Playercard Holder                  £9.00

Junior (aged 17 and under)    £6.50

Please note you will receive £1 discount on the above prices if you provide your own ball.

FootGolf Parties

FootGolf Parties at Abbey Hill Golf Centre, Milton Keynes

FootGolf is a great idea for a staff social, or a party (whether it's for grown ups or children.)  We can create a party package to include 9-holes of FootGolf plus your chosen catering and refreshments for groups of 8 or more.